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We understand the people aspect of computer software. We create applications that are user-friendly and productive to use while providing functionality to solve your complex business problems, make your business processes more efficient and give you competitive advantages (better services for your customers).
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We also provide software development services in other platforms such:

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  • PHP
and of course modern web technologies.
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As an independent consultant company, we provide the following services. Most of our clients are abroad and our services can be provided onsite or offsite. The rates for the work can be either on hourly basis or as a fixed-price project. Since our overheads are lower, our clients take advantage of lower rates while at the same time get high quality product and services. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and how I can help to solve your business problem.
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NRuler - screen ruler & unit converter

Have you ever wanted to be able to visually measure a space on your website or design so you could plan an object of an appropriate size?
NRuler is a free multiplatform screen ruler and unit converter which lets you measure anything on your screen. It comes with a unit converter that lets you convert betweeen measurement units.

Main features

  • Pixels, Centimeters, Milimeters and Picas
  • Horizontal and vertical
  • Ability to always on top
  • Customizable pixels per inch
  • Mark center or mouse position on the rulers
  • Unit Converter
  • Saves your settings
  • No installation required

System requirements:

Any operating system with Java version 6 or higher. Java can be dowloaded for free from here:

When you download the file, move it to your desktop and run this command to make the file executable by double click:

sudo chmod +x ~/Desktop/

If you do not have Java installed, in some distributions including ubuntu you can install it from the sun-java6-jre package:

sudo apt-get install sun-java6.jre
Note for Linux users

NRuler makes working with it easy by providing quick keyboard shortcuts. Right click on the ruler and click Help to learn how to use it.







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